Dolphin Project In The News

Dolphin Project In the News



The Cove Hunt Is On Again, Which Means Dolphins Are in Danger – 9/4/16 Take Part

Thousands rally against dolphin hunting as the Japanese season begins – 9/1/16 KIRO 7 News Seattle

This Badass 7-Year-Old Dolphin Activist Met With the Mayor of Taiji to Get Him to End the Hunts – 9/1/16 One Green Planet

I-Team: San Francisco joins worldwide protests of Japan’s ‘Dolphin Killing Season’ – 09/1/16 ABC 7 News San Francisco

Dolphin Project On The Ground As Taiji’s Hunting Season Begins – 09/1/16 The Huffington Post

Japanese dolphin hunts to begin as thousands set to demonstrate around the world – 09/1/16 International Business Times

The Power of Presence: Turn Up In London For The Killing Cove Dolphins
 – 08/30/16 The Huffington Post

Humans and dolphins are so similar – when will we stop persecuting them?
 – 08/30/16 The Guardian

Dolphin Freed From Tank Spotted In The Wild – With A Newborn Baby – 08/22/16 The Dodo

Thanks but no tanks: why you should say no to dolphin shows – 08/20/16 Mojo News

Tourists Tricked into Swimming with Dolphins in Notorious ‘Cove’ – 08/19/16 The Dodo

INTERVIEW: Dolphin Protection Activist Says Japanese Government Is ‘Biggest Criminal’ – 06/29/16 The News Lens International Edition

After life in captivity, dolphins to undergo sea change – 06/14/16 PBS

Dolphin Defender Has Changed the Way the World Thinks – 06/15/16 PETA

SeaWorld orca filmed ‘slamming head against gate while being held in small pool’ – 04/27/16 Mirror Online

New Footage Shows SeaWorld Orca Slamming Against Gate Over And Over – 04/26/16 The Dodo

Breaking: Officials Confirm Taiji Drive Season Over – 03/03/16 The Huffington Post

CNN Video: The Massacre of Dolphins – 02/25/16 CNN

Video: Univision Planeta Interviews Ric O’Barry – 02/08/16 Univision Planeta

Exclusive: Dolphin Activist Ric O’Barry Deported, But Continues to Inform the World of Taiji Slaughters – 02/08/16 One Green Planet

Japan deports star of Oscar-winning dolphin documentary – 02/5/16 Associated Press

My Husband Is Being Detained In Japan For Protecting Dolphins – 01/27/16 Huffington Post

Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he’s a ‘political prisoner’ – 01/26/16 Reuters

The fate of a dolphin activist in Japan’s flawed democracy – 01/26/16 Japan Times

Star of dolphin-hunting film ordered deported from Japan – 01/22/16 Associated Press

Exclusive: Dolphin Activist and Star of ‘The Cove’ Detained in Tokyo – 01/21/16 One Green Planet

Oscar-winning star of anti-dolphin hunt documentary Ric O’Barry held in Tokyo – 01/20/16 CNN

CNN Video: Global Dolphin Activist Ric O’Barry Detained in Japan – 01/19/16 CNN

Congress Member Asks State Department to Help Dolphin Activist Held in Japan – 01/19/16 Take Part

Star of film about dolphin killing detained at Tokyo airport – 01/19/16 The Associated Press

We Can Be Heroes – 01/13/16 The Huffington Post U.K.

David Bowie hailed ‘ultimate animal hero’ for allowing song to be whaling protest anthem – 01/12/16 Express


Huddling together in fear, a pod of pilot whales circle one another after dolphin hunters at Japan’s infamous Taiji cove round them up for slaughter – 11/20/15 Daily Mail Online

Terrified Whale Family Huddles Together As Hunters Close In – 11/19/15 The Dodo

Do Animals Commit Suicide? – 11/18/15 The Dodo

Dolphin cull protesters daub hands in blood-red paint at Japan Embassy demo – 10/17/15 Western Morning News

Blood stained seas: Horrifying reality of dolphin slaughter exposed – 10/17/15 Express

The Horrifying Truth Behind Dolphin Shows – 9/24/15 The Huffington Post

Watch What a Frightened Dolphin Does to Escape Hunters in Taiji – 9/13/15 RYOT

Terrified Dolphin Throws Himself At Man’s Feet To Escape Hunters – 9/11/15 The Dodo

4 Badass People Who Are Changing the Way We View Marine Captivity – 9/11/15 One Green Planet

Activist Ric O’Barry Freed by Japanese Cops at Start of Dolphin Hunt – 9/1/15 NBC News

Dolphin Season Starts in Wakayama; ‘The Cove’ Activist Arrested – 9/1/15 The Wall Street Journal

Will Harry Styles’ Words Force SeaWorld to Close? – 7/11/15 RYOT

Victory! World’s Top Zoo Association Kicks Japan Out Over Cruel Dolphin Drives – 4/24/15 Care2

Japan Dolphin Hunt Dealt Big Blow – 4/23/15 TakePart

Cautiverio de delfines es igual a prostitucion : O’Barry – 1/30/15 El Universal

Activist sees public shift on dolphins in captivity – 1/12/15 AP

Petition to End “Swimming With Dolphins” Programs Hits the Internet – 1/12/15 Palm Beach New Times

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