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What to Know About Dolphin Captivity

Dolphin Project has been working since Earth Day 1970 to end the billion dollar dolphin captivity industry. Dolphins have evolved for over 50 million years, and, despite being oxygen-breathing mammals, have adapted perfectly to life at sea. They have large, complex brains, are self-aware and develop close relationships with family and other pod members. Everything we have learned from them tells us they don’t belong in concrete tanks, performing tricks for our amusement.

"Dolphin shows are as educational about dolphins as Mickey Mouse is about real mice."
- Ric O'Barry, Dolphin Project Founder/Director

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Say No to the Captive Dolphin Show!

Dolphins and whales are exploited in captivity in a number of places all over the world. Consumer demand for captive dolphin shows, swim with captive dolphins programs and other captive encounters is the driving force behind the global captivity industry. Demand not only fuels the perpetuation of captive displays and captive breeding, but it also fuels brutal wild captures that still happen in some parts of the world. Help protect dolphins be being an informed consumer.

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Education is the first step to moving others to take action. Help spread the word about protecting dolphins!

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