Captivity Photo and Tip Submissions

dolphin in captivity

If you live near a captive facility, or are traveling to a place where one exists, we need eyes and ears in the field. You can help us by being a Captivity Monitor in your community or while on vacation by documenting the condition of any captive dolphins you may see.

Photo and Video Submission

We are NOT asking anyone to buy a ticket to a captive facility or visit one solely to obtain photos. That is a personal decision. There are locations where you may be able to observe from outside a facility. However, if you do obtain any video or photographic images you wish to share, please message us through the contact form below, and please send over your files after our team has received your message.

We are especially interested in video/photo footage that demonstrates problematic behavior, injuries, or medical procedures.

By submitting photos, you acknowledge that you are granting Dolphin Project permission to use them across all platforms. Only submit files that rightfully belong to you.

Captive Facility Information

Additionally, if you reside near a captive dolphin facility and hear any local information about the facility or want to become a regular monitor of the facility, please use the Contact Page to let us know. Please provide as much detail as possible, and corroborating sources if available. * We regret that we may not have the ability to respond to all messages.

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