Orcas and Dolphins Do Not Belong in Captivity!

Keeping dolphins, orcas and other cetaceans in captivity is cruel. Depriving them of the vast open spaces and social bonds that they would normally have in the wild, and confining them to small, concrete tanks to perform tricks for dead fish is highly unethical for these complex marine mammals. No matter how sophisticated the enclosure, no man made facility can ever hope to replicate the wild world of dolphins and whales. 

You can help protect cetaceans from captive exploitation with the following action steps!

Orcas do not belong in captivity

1. Sign Every Petition You Can

2. Spread Awareness

  • Know the Issues

Dolphins and whales in captivity face limited space, abnormal behavior, captive living conditions, wild captures, and constant training. Stay informed on issues connected to cetacean captivity.

  • Spread the Word on Social Media

Follow Dolphin Project on social media for updates on our campaigns and calls to action, and spread awareness by sharing posts with your friends and followers: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tik Tok | YouTube

  • Share Captivity PSA’s or Host a Watch Party

Explore our PSA videos on dolphin and whale captivity, and share them on social media. If you have access to streaming platforms, host a watch party for Blackfish, The Cove or Blood Dolphin$ with friends and family.

Dolphins do not belong in captivity
Dolphin Project in Action at a London Demo

3. Support Our Work

Your support is critical to work to end the exploitation of dolphins all over the world, and our dolphin sanctuary project. If your employer has a matching gifts program, your donation could be doubled or even tripled!

All proceeds support our international efforts to end captivity, and it’s a great conversation starter!

4. Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming more involved in dolphin protection issues and making an impact in your community, explore resources for becoming an effective advocate, and further action steps listed below. Public outreach and awareness are critical to our mission– join us in being a voice for dolphins!

Consider what your area of expertise is, and how can can you use it to help dolphins. We rely on local volunteers to help raise awareness in their communities. While there is no set formula or instruction manual to becoming an activist, below are several ideas for getting involved. Visit our volunteer page for current opportunities!

If you happen to obtain photos, videos or information about a captive dolphin or whale facility, use our tip submission form to send them to our team.

Explore our activism guides to meeting with legislators, public demonstrations and other community action to help end cetacean captivity in your area.

Let's Protect Dolphins Together!

Measurable progress for dolphins has been made thanks to people like you taking action and saying NO to the dolphin show. Check out the list of closed facilities and the list of places that now protect dolphins from captivity. Take a deeper dive into defending dolphins by exploring our campaigns!

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