Searching for Sanctuary

Ric O’Barry scouts locations in Greece for European’s first Dolphin Sanctuary.

As the pioneer of rehabilitation and release for captive dolphins, Ric O’Barry has made it his life’s mission to locate and establish a dolphin sanctuary, where captive dolphins who are deemed unfit candidates for release may retire to live the remainder of their lives in peace and freedom.

This is no small feat, as many factors must be considered: site location, access to a source of fish, pollution and temperature concerns, natural currents, protection from storms, as well as the legal regulations and negotiations.

Dolphin Project has established the world’s first permanent dolphin sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia. Two of four dolphins confiscated from the Melka Hotel from the same region currently reside here.

Dolphin Project is also evaluating locations in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and other parts of the globe.

Bali Sanctuary - World’s first permanent dolphin sanctuary

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