Fraudulent Fundraising Letter Sent By EII

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The email below was made to look like it came from me, but was actually sent out by Dave Phillips of Earth Island Institute 6 weeks after my resignation on Sept 30th 2014.  I did not approve it or send it. Please contact Earth Island Institute and ask for a refund if you were deceived and donated due to this email or their continued misuse of my likeness for fundraising. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. –  Ric O’Barry

From: Ric O’Barry <[email protected]>
Subject: Help Save Japan Dolphins
Date: November 6, 2014 at 7:00:49 AM PST
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: Ric O’Barry <[email protected]>



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Thanks for helping stop the largest killing of dolphins in the world and for signing the Care2 Petition and requesting campaign updates.

In my whole career — back since I was Flipper’s trainer — I’ve never been so shocked as I am about the brutal dolphin massacre happening in Japan. But I am also convinced that we can stop it.

The Oscar-winning movie The Cove — featuring our work — is getting the truth out around the world in ways never before possible.

Keeping you updated can make a huge difference. You have helped us surpass 2 million signatures on our petitions to pressure government leaders. Check out new developments on our website at Save Japan Dolphins.

We need your help to keep our team to Japan to press for an end to the killings, present the petitions, and monitor the dolphin-killing cove. This takes funds for travel, outreach, events, and staff.

Your donation of any amount will help. Donate here.

You will also receive premium gifts with your donations. Click HERE for details.

By supporting the Save Japan Dolphins Campaign at Earth Island Institute you are making a difference. You’re helping a gutsy and dedicated group of people on the frontlines save dolphins and whales.

We know how to get things done – from convincing the world tuna industry to adopt dolphin-safe tuna fishing methods, to working for an end to commercial whaling. We led the effort to rescue and release the orca whale Keiko — made famous in the movie “Free Willy” — and are stopping the trafficking in live dolphins.

Welcome aboard and thank you for everything you are doing to help. We won’t rest until dolphins are safe.


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Ric O’Barry
Save Japan Dolphins

Our Mission

Dedicated to ending the capture, live-trade, and killing of dolphins and whales around the world.


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