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About the Facility

The Umah Lumba Rehabilitation, Release and Retirement Center is the first of its kind in the world to care for formerly captive dolphins. Johnny, who calls our facility home was confiscated from the Melka Hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Through our partnership with the Indonesian government, the dolphin was placed in our care. After evaluation, we learned that Johnny has permanent health issues that prevent him from successfully returning to the wild, where he was originally captured. Sometime in his past his teeth were removed, and Johnny has lost his eyesight. Johnny is now healing under our round-the-clock care and will never be forced to perform for survival, or confined in neglect.

Rocky and Rambo, also confiscated from the Melka Hotel are presently rehabilitating and recovering at our facility. These two dolphins will be closely evaluated for possible eventual readaptation into their home range.

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Johnny in floating sea pen, Bali, Indonesia.

Johnny is our blind dolphin rescued from the Melka Hotel, who was missing all of his teeth and severely underweight. As a result of his health, he won’t be able to return to the wild. We are committed to giving Johnny the best life possible in our sea facility; Johnny seeks out human contact and has flourished in his new home. You can sponsor Johnny today to help provide for his care!

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Rocky in floating sea pen, Bali, Indonesia.

Rocky is one of our Melka rescues who has a chance for rehabilitation and return to the wild, where he was originally captured. After years of performing for survival, we are excited to welcome Rocky to the facility, where he can continue to recover and be considered for readaptation. Our team is committed to giving Rocky the best care in hopes of release, so become a sponsor today!

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Rambo in floating sea pen, Bali, Indonesia.

Rambo was confiscated from the Melka Hotel, and has now arrived at the facility, where he will undergo additional observation to determine whether he can eventually be returned to the wild. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor his health for improvement and ensure he gets the care he needs. Sponsor Rambo today to help his recovery!

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Our dolphins require approximately 8 kilos of fish per day! They were malnourished when they first arrived, so we are monitoring their weight closely.

Veterinary Care

Dewa and Johnny will always need medical care and attention, and we are committed to providing them with that for the rest of their lives.

Our dolphins will always need specialized care and routine veterinary visits and bloodwork to ensure they are able to heal and thrive.

Round the Clock Care

Our caretaking and veterinary team is hard at work monitoring the health and well-being of all four dolphins.

Our care team is onsite 24/7 to ensure that the dolphins remain safe and have all their needs met. We’re proud of our hardworking crew who have worked so hard to make the facility a reality.


Ric O’Barry watches as Rambo plays in his temporary enclosure, no longer exploited as “entertainment.”

We are continuing to add improvements to our facility to benefit our dolphins, and to prepare for the possibility of new arrivals.

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