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Each year Dolphin Project returns to Taiji to stand on the shores of the Cove, bearing witness to the hunts and sharing real-time footage with the world so that others may be moved to action. As the only organization that has been on the ground in Taiji since 2003 to observe the hunts, our mission could not succeed without the dedicated volunteers that make up our Cove Monitor Program, who serve as our eyes and ears in Japan as they document daily activities. We have revolutionized the use of live streaming technology to document and disseminate information around the world in order to raise international pressure against the dolphin drive hunts.

As part of regular duties, our Cove Monitors report on daily hunting activity, observe and document any captive transfers, as well as monitor recent captures at the Taiji Whale Museum and other training sites. We further work to educate the people of Japan about the hunts, and about the dangers of eating mercury-contaminated dolphin meat. Dolphin Project operates strictly within the law while in Japan and encourages public outreach with locals who show interest.

Did The Cove Inspire You to Take Action?

As a Dolphin Project Cove Monitor, your role is critical to our continuing efforts to stop the hunts. While no special expertise is required and all backgrounds are welcome, we have a preference for candidates with strong writing, video and photography skills who embrace Ric’s peaceful approach to working in Taiji. As a representative of Dolphin Project, please be prepared to work as a team and abide by our policies for your safety and ours. This position does require volunteers to be in good physical and mental health. Minors under the age of 18 may only participate if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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