Beneath the Surface- Taiji to the Trained Eye

Taiji The Cove

While Dolphin Project Cove Monitors do their best to report accurate numbers, it is necessary to assume that the amount of dolphins killed during Taiji’s six-month drive hunts is substantially higher. It is impossible for any observer to conduct an actual count of dolphins while being driven to shore or while trapped in The Cove. Likewise, the fishermen and fisheries agencies official counts should also be treated with some amount of skepticism.

Most importantly, we know from experience that not all fatalities take place at or above the water’s surface.

When I monitor the goings-on at the cove, after 50 years of dolphin experience, my mind’s eye sees below the surface. I am acutely aware of the untold numbers — the very young, the very old and the sick — who simply cannot keep up as the rest of the pod flee for their lives. These dolphins who lose their lives simply sink to the bottom, uncounted. Then there are the dolphins who are fatally injured, babies who are aborted, and others.” ~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

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