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Camp Lumba Lumba Dolphin Rehabilitation Sea Pen

In 2011 Dolphin Project, in partnership with our local partners, the Central Jakarta Forestry Department and the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) constructed the world’s first permanent facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of dolphins in Kemujan, Karimun Jawa. Named Camp Lumba Lumba (lumba being the Indonesian word for dolphin), the rehabilitation center addresses the need for effective enforcement mechanisms of a law banning wild dolphin captures in Indonesia. 
Despite the existence of a ban, fishermen and traffickers had been exploiting a loophole allowing wild-caught dolphins to be “rescued” by dolphin show operators, thus supplying the local captivity industry. 

Camp Lumba Lumba’s location was selected based on its close proximity to the captured dolphins’ original habitat, as most captured dolphins came from the Karimun Jawa region. Resident pods still flourish in this area, making it an ideal location for readaptation.

Camp Lumba Lumba Pen Building

If any dolphins are accidentally caught and are wounded they would have to be brought to the sea pen, because it’s the official rehabilitation pen for dolphins, so by having the sea pen here, nobody can take in dolphins under the guise of ‘rescue’ again.   – Femke Den Haas, Dolphin Project Indonesian Coordinatoor 

Camp Lumba Lumba sea pen

Local fishermen have been enlisted to help by notifying the team of any accidentally-caught dolphins and to participate in the post-release monitoring by reporting any sightings of dolphins. The importance and popularity of ecotourism has also been highlighted during dolphin awareness presentations to community members as one of the benefits for having the cetaceans returned to the area. Recycling workshops, beach cleanups and coral restoration projects have also been conducted as part of a broader plan to encourage environmental stewardship within the community. By utilizing community inclusion, economic opportunity development and enforcement mechanisms, Dolphin Project continues its mission of halting wild dolphin captures for the captivity industry.

Camp Lumba Lumba from Dolphin Project on Vimeo.

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