Dolphin Meat Trade

The Dolphin Project along with team members of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) did undercover investigative work in fishing village throughout Indonesia. Instance of dolphins being killed by direct or indirect means was quite prevalent. Dolphin meat showed up in local markets and it is also used as bait for shark fishing in the shark fin trade.



Working with Forestry Officials, we erected billboards at key fishing villages and marinas educating Fisherman that dolphins are a protected species.



In the fishing village Bagian SiapIapi, Riau Province, Sumatra, dolphin meat was spotted on the local fishing markets. Being mammals, the Dolphin meat resembled beef and was sold for a very low price. Instead of releasing dolphins accidentally entangled in their fishing nettings, as they should, the fishermen would bring the dolphins ashore and sell the red meat of the dolphins as if it was beef.

Surely its illegal to capture and harm dolphins in Indonesia, yet no legal action was undertaken until after we fulfilled our research.

An educational campaign was conducted and the laws were explained to the fishermen and head of villages. During the raid, meat offered for sale was confiscated and huge billboards were placed at five strategic areas throughout the area.

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