Travel Sites Profiting from Captive Facilities

Travel sites that sell tickets to captive shows

Did you know that many popular travel sites online participate in promoting and selling tickets to attractions that keep dolphins and whales in captivity? They do – but the good news is some, such as Virgin Holidays, have decided to end ticket sales to such facilities. In November 2021, Expedia Group also announced that they would no longer offer activities that involved captive dolphins or whales.

If you’re making travel plans, please take a moment to check if your favorite sites promote marine mammal captivity. If so, respectfully request that they cease any partnerships with such attractions. Remember: captivity doesn’t just include glass and concrete tanks; many swim-with-dolphins attractions keep the mammals in seemingly “natural” facilities, but captivity is captivity. Learn more here.

Below is a list of major booking sites that currently sell admission tickets to well-known captive facilities. We’ve included a sample message below you can use in your communication with them.

If you don’t want to use these services when making travel arrangements, look for ways to book directly, and consider whether a hotel or airline has any partnerships with nearby captive facilities. If you choose to avoid them for that reason, please let them know why they have lost your business.

By being an educated consumer and respectfully voicing your customer concerns, you can advocate on behalf of dolphins in captivity worldwide. Take the pledge Dolphin ProjectAAA – If you are a member, please contact your regional office via the appropriate website

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Get Away Today [email protected]

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Smart Destinations


Travelocity (Owned by Expedia, see above)

TravelZoo [email protected]


TUI – Petition: Ask TUI to Stop Selling Tickets to Dolphin Shows

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Viator [email protected]   X NO LONGER PARTICIPATING AS OF OCTOBER 2019!

Sample Message

(Feel free to share your own views and experiences)

Dear (company),

I have used your website/been a loyal customer to your brand for many years, but I was saddened to learn that you are selling admission to attractions that use captive marine mammals for entertainment. As you may be aware, dolphins and whales are incredibly intelligent and social animals, who cannot thrive in a captive environment. As we learn more about these animals and their diminished well-being for the sake of entertainment and profit, we as a society must change our past practices and acknowledge that change is needed. Therefore, I am sorry to say that I will no longer use your service, until your company joins others in the industry who are taking a stand against these outdated and inhumane forms of entertainment. I urge you to consider a policy change within your company, and look forward to rejoining your customer base at that time.


(Your Name)

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