Tony Kanal

Tony Kanal

Tony Ashwin Kanal  is an American musician, record producer, and bassist for the American rock band ‘No Doubt‘. Outside of the band, his musical work includes producing and songwriting on movie soundtracks and with artists such as Pink, Weezer and ’No Doubt’ bandmate Gwen Stefani on her 2004 and 2006 solo albums. His bandmates describe him as “strong”, and “a man of true integrity.” As an ethical vegan and animal rights activist, Kanal is also a husband and the father of two lovely young girls. Tony is getting the word out to the general public to “Take the Pledge Not to Buy a Ticket For a Dolphin Show.”

For an incredible bass player with mad skills, this humble man is a generous one.

Born August 27, 1970, in Kingsbury, London, at the age of 11, Kanal’s family relocated to the Orange County region of Southern California. Tony’s earliest memories of music are old compilations of nursery rhymes and the soundtrack from the movie, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.’

Tony credits his father as a great musical influence in his life. In 1982, He bought his very first record with his own money, the ‘Men at Work’ album, “Business As Usual”. Others groups also played a role in his youth, from ‘Motley Crue’ to ‘Duran Duran.’

Tony’s first live concert experience in 1985, was ‘Prince’ and the ‘Purple Rain Tour.’ It changed the way he viewed music forever. ‘Prince’ remains one of his greatest musical influences today.

Tony Kanal catching air in DC

Tony Kanal catching air in DC

In high school, Tony cut school to go and see the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ play live, but his bass skills began in his high school jazz band. He credits his bass teacher Dave Carpenter, ‘The Specials’ bassist Horace Gentleman, and ‘Fishbone’ bassist Norwood Fisher as his first major influences.

Tony’s introduction to ‘No Doubt’ ensued after his beginnings with the high school jazz band. Having played only one official gig at ‘Fender’s Ballroom’ in Long Beach, ‘No Doubt’ needed a new bass player. Tony, who attended the first show, was selected as the new bassist, and joined the band before their second club show.

Many of ‘No Doubt’s’ earliest influences came from England’s two-tone ska scene. As such, this was the music primarily played by the band when first Tony joined them. But time passed and the band grew, and each individual band member contributed their own influences to the group. There is no doubt that ‘No Doubt’ eventually found their own niche.

Outside of music, Tony has a keen business eye and learned how not to conduct oneself in business. He handled many aspects of the group’s business during their formative years and continues to be a presence today.

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