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“Music is something formless and not really definable. But I think that’s ok. I think different is better. After all, it`s that difference which evolves culture. Pioneers and visionaries of all kinds are what keep the network expanding for humanity. Whether it`s innovation in technology, art or any other form of creative self expression, a true pioneervows to step where no one has stepped before.” Drew Chadwick

Drew Chadwick, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, originally from Port Angeles, Washington, is a true pioneer. His talent for blending rapid-fire raps with sweet, impassioned vocals, to create a hybrid of alternative-rock and R&B with flavors of hip-hop, makes him an important voice of his generation. His poetic lyrics are deep and thought provoking, pointing to a higher truth of universal love, in response to the human struggle. Drew is a musician on a mission, to inspire his fans of more than half a million Twitter followers, to wake up and help make the world a better place.

Drew came to national prominence in 2012 as one-third of the group Emblem3 on the second season of The X Factor USA, making it all the way to 4th place. Drew was responsible for writing the majority of songs for Emblem3, including “Sunset Boulevard” which they chose as their X Factor audition song. They were a favorite of both the viewers and the judges, particularly Simon Cowell, who signed them to his Syco Music Label with a record deal at Columbia Records.

Drew co-wrote and produced the songs for their debut album, “Nothing To Lose,” with top music industry names like, Joel and Benji Madden, of “Good Charlotte”, Jack Anonoff from “Fun”, Matt Rad, Kool Kojak, Peter Svensson, Savan Kotecha and Max Martin, who Drew worked closely with co-writing the title track, absorbing his knowledge on song writing technique and philosophies on symmetry and dynamics in sound. Working with these top producers, has helped Drew take his song writing skills to a whole new level.

The album debuted in April 2013 at #7 on the US Billboard 200, selling 46,000 copies in its first week and was the first X Factor USA act to have an album on the top 10. The first single “Chloe” had over 300,000 downloads, helping the album become #6 on Billboard’s Digital Download chart. Emblem3 toured with Selena Gomez as her opening act, performing in arenas every night in front of 10,000 plus screaming fans, across the United States, Europe and South America. While on tour, they did numerous radio promotional events and TV interviews, building a solid fan base. Their own headlining tour the following year sold out immediately with fans across the globe, eager to see Drew and his band mates perform live. While with Emblem3, Drew also co-founded #teaminspire, which became a global success, spreading it’s message of world peace and equality for all.

In June 2014, Drew made the difficult and risky decision to leave the group to pursue his dream of a solo career, writing and performing songs that reflect a new paradigm of a socially conscious lifestyle and promote positive solutions in the world.

“I’m at a point now, were I truly believe I have this deep purpose far beyond becoming financially successful and adored by fans. Those things bring me no satisfaction. My only true ambition is to bring people together and inspire compassion, inspire equality and respect for each other as well as our precious home. My heart burns with passion for healing, from the individual all the way to the collective and I refuse to take no for an answer.”

Drew’s collection of new songs are extremely hit worthy with their catchy melodies and evocative vocals, yet the complex song structures and philosophical lyrics, are more reflective of the true artist that he is. His songs are inspired by his own personal struggle, as well as his innate spiritual wisdom, which he channels into each song. His first solo EP will be released in early 2015, with his multitude of fans eager to hear his new music on his upcoming solo tour.

As part of Drew’s mission to make a positive difference in the world he has co-founded the non-profit organization WE THE CHANGE dedicated to raising awareness about the current issues that are prohibiting justice, equality and world peace. Amongst its many visionary programs, is an environmental awareness campaign, a meditation camp, and an activist activation fund for Drew’s fan base, offering them a proactive opportunity to serve the charitable organization of their choice.

“The deep connections I continue to share with myself and others through music and meditation, brings me much clarity and peace. I believe everything in my life has been part of some absolute plan far greater then my mind can conceive. Everything has been prepping me for this adventure and I am very blessed to be stepping only where my heart commands, and moving forward with the Destination Unknown.” Drew Chadwick

Written by Prasad Paul Duffy

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